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More than 79 percent of VCU freshmen live on campus, and they say it’s a good choice. VCU’s residence halls — five are freshman-only — come in all shapes and sizes and are equipped with basic furniture, laundry, lounges, high-speed Internet access, air conditioning and 24-hour security. Traditional dorm-, suite- or apartment-style residence halls are available.

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VCU also offers first-year students the chance to live in residential villages where you’ll be next door or down the hall from students with similar interests or majors. In these villages — Artist’s Colony, Doctor’s Lounge, The Boardroom, Clinical Corner — you’ll experience faculty presentations, participate in field trips, movie nights and guest lectures, and easily form study groups with your neighbors.

If you’re ready to live on your own, VCU’s Off-Campus Student Services can help you find an apartment, a room for rent or a roommate in one of the close-to-campus neighborhoods.

Live here

Living on campus or in the surrounding community offers students the chance to build lifelong friendships and lasting professional networks.